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Hype Track 2011 Hype Track 2011

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You killed it, but I laughed my ass of when you said "lil sucka". I was expecting a good old fashioned "mothafucka". You got a good mic and some good mixing skills. I coulda sworn I was listening to Wayne at some parts. I'll see you in the competition!

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TFreezyTFZ responds:

Lol XD. I try to keep my tracks as clean as possible! I noticed that alot of rappers my age curse, and they sound like fake gangsters that dont know wtf they're doing lol.

And thanks man, its nice to get recognition from my vocals, i spend alot of time on that :).
But sadly, I was just informed my track was entered in too late to be in the MC Knock out. BigRed will let me know ASAP when a spot opens up. I can enter the TagTeam though.

But thanks for the kind words man, ive never been compared to someone as great as lil wayne before XD.


2011 NHGG Hype Track 2011 NHGG Hype Track

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn good sir

I'm liking your flow, it's pretty smooth. Also, your mic is better than a lot of rappers on here. Sound quality is good. H.P. Lovecraft? Awesome reference! I hear they are making a movie with Tom Cruise or some shit. Anyway, good job man. This competition is bringing out the best in a lot of rappers. Peace.

NimbusTheGeneral responds:

I recorded this in the studio (a real studio, not a closet or basement). I mean, I got no issues with people that record in their home, especially if they can edit to make it sound official. I, however, can not. So I record in the studio when I can, at people's houses when I can't.

Ah yes, the reference to Lovecraft LOL. It was from his book the Mountains of Maddness (Cthulu being the character mentioned). If they make a movie with Tom Cruise in it...I do believe it'll ruin it lol.

Appreciate the review, fam. Glad to see people are paying attention to the competition.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

Apocolypse [MadFLeX NGHH '11] Apocolypse [MadFLeX NGHH '11]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy shit!

That was honestly some of the best flow I have ever heard on this site. You totally did the beat justice. Absolutely killed it. Great job!

MadFLeX responds:

Coming from you, that's about the ultimate compliment. Thanks for a great beat!

"Space Debris 2010 Reloaded" "Space Debris 2010 Reloaded"

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I FREAKIN' LOVE this song!
I don't own an Amiga either, but I can easily appreciate this song on its own merits.
I saw you complimenting ParagonX9 on his mixing, but yours is equally SUPERB in my opinion.
Great use of synths. Each is full vibrant in its own way, but they also stand out from each other as well. Such variety in one song is wonderful listening to.
I liked your drums, but they were very low-key. Personally, I would have boosted the kick a bit, and definitely would've given the clap something extra. They aren't the point though, and the beat is kept well.
Once again, brilliant mixing; any tips? Listen to any of my recent songs with FL. I struggle to achieve the same separation of sounds that you do. I would explode from happiness if I were as good as this.
Oh, and you can upload a new version of a song. Just go to 'edit song' and click the upload file like you do when you submit.
Great work. Favorited!


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XayberOptix responds:

I can't edit it because newground said the song has had too many listens. :(

Dragon Roost Island redux Dragon Roost Island redux

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This whole piece cracked me up. In a good way though; It's just so UPBEAT!
I love the heavy toms in the beginning, they set the tone well. Sitar is a pretty good choice I think. The early bassline stands out as well, nice variation. (BooBass?)
I couldn't say how close you stuck to the original song because I never heard it, but this is a breezy, fun piece to listen to, keep it up!


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noesis9812 responds:

Hahaha thanks. I was picturing a crazy Rito dance party on the coast when I made it. I don't exactly remember the bass I used, haha. And you HAVE to hear the original! Its a great piece! I'm glad to have feedback from someone who hasn't heard the original though. It gives me an unbiased opinion on what I put together instead of people being all mad that I didn't "stick with the original....everything..."

Kaiz- Khaos Tetris Kaiz- Khaos Tetris

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was definitely NOT the type of song I expected to hear after seeing Tetris in the title; I guess I expected something more 8-bit.
I was pleasently surprised though, the feel is awesome.
The synths are spot on, but it's the drums that add dimension to the song, they feel very dry and cut off, which contrasts beautifly with the echoing and reverb of the synths.
It's not a long song, but it doesn't need to be. Good job!
P.S. Sorry the review was so long coming; Christmas, what can I say.


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Kaizerwolf responds:

Hah, that's quite alright. I personally agree with you on the drums... i like the mastering i did for them :P

Thanks for the review!

Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is just one of those songs that are so good you immediately realize they are top-five bound, and so I would like to wish the song well on it's way. This is some top quality stuff, no one does it better. But you've heard all this before, you know how good you are. I'd say "keep it up", but I and your other fans know you will because you are you. Good luck!
P.S. That bit between 1:05 and 1:20 could totally fit right into a Tarintino movie. :)

Evil-Dog responds:

It's from Pulp Fiction....from Tarantino haha
Thanks for the nice comment, I will keep it up :)

Kaiz- Aura Pulse Kaiz- Aura Pulse

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I agree about the symbols needing work, but everything else works wonderfully well.
I like the synth in this one, it's nice and poppy without overdoing it.
And snares are always a good thing in trance ;)
I really like the synth at 2:34, it's good and loud, and adds a great rhythm to the song.
Good job!


Kaizerwolf responds:

Thanks! I like the synth as well, i added a bit of Filter to it and used a hell of a lot of automation.

vehement vehement

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like!

It definitely has a nice feel, and could be an instant classic but for a few missteps in choosing sounds. The piano needs more reverb and release, and the hat at the beginning needs a replacement or more reverb.
Not to say I didn't like it, it was really good, a worthy addition to the trance genre.
For once in a trance song the length is perfect, it never overstays its welcome, and it adds to the song each time it goes through the chorus. The kick here is good as well, present enough so you can always hear it, yet unobtrusive enough so that you don't always notice it.
I'd say you have a lot of talent, you just might want to get advice from someone on piano tuning for trance, and you have potential to be right up there with the best.
Best of luck for the future!

P.S. I'm the guy above you on the frontpage with the song "Aftermath", and I wouldn't mind a listen ;)


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e991e responds:

more reverb/release on piano and better highhat? I'll do that.
thanks a ton for the review!
I'll go check out your song now

** \Guitar Challenge - So ** \Guitar Challenge - So

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Your guitar stuff is always so awesome.
This brings to mind an epic and gory confrontation between two mortal enemies, taking place in a circle of flames.
Keep it up!
4.32 / 5.00 (+ 0.012)

P.S. I just submitted also.


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Sonofkirk responds:

Lol, yeah this scene fits well with the song : ). Thanks for the great review dude. I will check your stuff for sure. \m/