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Entry #2

I moved!

2008-09-08 21:34:18 by Musical-Pants

If you've tried to contact me, or have requested a review of a song in the last few weeks, chances are I haven't responded. It's not because I suddenly quit NG, and it's not because I'm avoiding you, It's because I just moved house.
There have been some problems getting the internet sorted out, plus I started at a new school three days after we moved in, so I'm just now catching up.
If there's something important I was supposed to get back to you with, or you needed a review for a song, just PM me as a reminder.
Thanks guys!



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2008-09-08 21:52:49

i love your music

especially Backroom Poker

I've used it in 6 submissions

Musical-Pants responds:

Thanks, I noticed!


2008-09-09 13:39:02

Abyss. - LISTEN! vote !

do me the biggest favor here ppl and just let me know whats good whats bad- fill me in- it IS my first song being put here.

any help would be grand. -


2008-10-13 19:48:02

Har har i PMed you right before you got back then. How're things with the new house?


2009-07-09 17:52:25



2010-12-25 09:42:43

Thanks for your support of my music! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!